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In anticipation of Rise-Up and Get Vaccinated with VP President and Soror Kamala Harris on Monday, June 28, 2021, members of the Metro 9 chapters visited with homeless veterans at the Michigan Veterans Foundation today, as they were being vaccinated at their facility.

Joining Raeda Dabaja, CEO and Soror Linda Hamlet, Board Member and Basileus OEO, were Soror Jackie Betserai, Basileus, EIO; Soror Carlyn Robinson, Basileus ARO; Soror Pamela Tinsley, Basileus OXO; Soror Delores Sturdivant, Great Lakes Membership Chairman; along with Sorors: Sandra Boykin, OXO, Sharon Burnett (PTO), Lesa Moore -Williams (EIO) Johnette Williams (TLO).

Sorors were able to interact with the veterans, both young and old, as well as conduct interviews with veterans receiving the vaccine as to why they had decided to get vaccinated. Members of staff, including the CEO were also interviewed as to the importance of receiving the vaccine. 

For AKA, today’s service was “Communication, Encouragement  and a Thank You” with persons who have served our country and who have kept us safe and who have decided to protect themselves with the vaccine.

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